When Should I Start Preparing for the ACT?

There is no perfect time to begin studying for the ACT.  Many students tend to have a rigorous junior year with honors or AP classes. With a school year packed with classes and extracurricular activities, it is difficult to find a few minutes to spare every day.

This is what makes the Summer before Junior Year an optimal time to start taking practice tests, going over different content topics, and, if necessary, joining a prep course.  Enough time is available to go over math formulas, reading section strategies, grammar principles, etc. Many tests can be taken during the summer to make sure you are gaining endurance for the actual test. Yes, the summer is meant for a break from school and a catch-up for all those naps that you missed out on during the school year. However, would you rather take multiple practice tests during the school year?  Does it make sense to cram in ACT review when you have so much homework to finish every day?

This is why I always recommend getting a head start before junior year. You will be able to take your first ACT test during the Fall of Junior Year. Once you get your score you have many options to take another test, if needed, in the Winter months or Spring. This gives ample time to raise your score and reach the goal you have set.  With AP tests coming up in May and then college application deadlines, you don’t want to stress about another test!

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