GRE Personalized Courses

Our Online classes provide students the convenience of attending classes through an online interactive platform. The curriculum designed for each class varies with the students that are placed in a class. During the class the teacher will not only lecture, but also analyze what areas need to be focused on depending on student response. We know that students all have their own paces to work at and have different issues on the test. This is why the classes are adaptive so the teacher can adjust what to cover during the next class.


We place students with a teacher who has scored in the 99th percentile on the exam and has extensive training prior to teaching a class. This is important as we make sure teachers can effectively communicate with students in a classroom. Since our small group classroom sizes are kept to 4 students or fewer, the teacher can design customized classes that focus on the strengths and weaknesses of a certain group of students.

The classes focus not only on strategy, but also content on the Verbal Reasoning section, Quantitative Reasoning section, and Analytical Writing. Our approach is to create an intensive course that stresses content simplification and efficient approaches to all questions so students can see Results Quickly. The course allows students to work through 10 to 15 practice tests and separate homework assignments the teachers assigns after each class. During the course, teachers work like Mentors that are available for unlimited help outside of class. This is great for students who do have questions that arise when taking practice tests or completing homework.


The interactive classroom has video and listening features for the students and teacher. It also has an online whiteboard to display presentations, draw diagrams, and write notes on. This feature can be used by both the students and teachers to visualize all lecture material. Along with the white board, there is a chat box area so students can discuss questions with the teacher or other students in the class.


We provide the option of signing up for a Personalized Small Group Online Course with 3-4 students in an online classroom or online one-on-one private coaching. The small group option allows interaction with other students in a class. This can be helpful for a student who likes to see different perspectives on questions. The One-on-One classes focuses solely on the one student so all attention is placed on his or her needs. The small group classes are offered during weekdays or weekends with unlimited help outside the classroom. The One-on-One classes can be scheduled weekly with the teacher on days convenient to the student. The live classroom portion of the class take place twice a week for 2 hours over a 5 week period.


Our goal is to make sure a student scores higher on the GRE when completing the course. If there is no overall score improvement seen at the end of the course, we provide free private tutoring for another 5 weeks. A full refund for the course can be given up until 24 hours after the first class as this allows for us to keep class sizes consistent for the teacher.