ClearPath Advantage wants every student to acheive the optimal score desired on the ACT or SAT test.This is why we have put a Guarantee in place. We guarantee that a student will receive at least 1 composite point higher on an ACT test or 100 points higher on an SAT Test taken after a course is complete.

If a student does not receive at least 1 point higher on the ACT or 100 points higher on the SAT, he or she will be entitled to one of two options listed below.

a.) Option 1: Retake the course
b.) Option 2: Request a refund for the course

*To qualify for either option students must meet all guidelines listed below.


1.) Students must attend all scheduled classes or makeup classes that comprise a course.

2.) 95% of all homework assignments given by a teacher must be completed by the due date.

3.) A request for a refund must be made within 21 days of your offical ACT or SAT score being posted.

4.) The official ACT or SAT Test must be taken within 30 days of completing the course.

5.) If a student cannot attend a class, a makeup class must be scheduled 24 hours before the

6.) Students must submit a copy of the their official ACT or SAT score transcript when requesting a refund.