This program was extremely helpful! In just 3 weeks I had raised my English and Math scores on the ACT 6-7 points! I was deadly frightened by the Reading and Science sections but after constantly practicing I walked into the test room with full confidence. I never thought I would see that coming. So would I recommend this program? Extremely!
Artemis T. Manhattan, NY
After stressing myself out for the first few weeks in Anatomy and Physics trying to figure out how to study for exams, I finally decided it was time to seek out help. The tutor came in and basically guided me through all the major questions I would see on tests. My test scores jumped from consistent C's to solid A's and I couldn't have been happier.
Jodi F. Chicago, IL
Being an international student from India I had a feeling I was going to have some difficulty with the ACT Test. I prepped on my own and took two tests, but my score stayed the same. Frustrated with my scores, my dad and I started to look for a tutor. After only two weeks of help, I took the test and ended up scoring 7 Points Higher!
Rishi M. Des Plaines, IL
We were in desperate need of an upgraded database in programming and functionality. In the beginning, I was wondering what I was going to get for my dollar. I now know and it was worth every penny. Commitment to us as a customer has been outstanding, calls are returned quickly and they have been very patient with all of our changing needs. I look forward to working with ClearPath Advantage over and over again. I can’t recommend them highly enough.
Barb P. Elgin, IL
We enrolled our son in the online ACT course after speaking to the instructor who guaranteed us that there would be an improvement with Daniel’s score. Daniel had taken the test once and scored a 25, but we knew he was capable of much higher. After finishing the 6 week online course, our son took the February ACT and ended up scoring a 31. The results showed up and our son is now able to apply to the colleges of his choice.
Daniel P. Atlanta, GA
My parents signed me up for the online SAT course knowing that it was my last chance to raise my score on the SAT. I took another prep course before and did not expect much to change taking another class. Starting from the first class, I liked the way the instructor involved the students in answering questions on the whiteboard. She would also spend time after class to help me out with reviewing topics we had just covered in class. From tweaking strategies to simply answering homework questions, the guidance was always there. Her confidence in me helped ease my nervousness, too. My SAT score went from an 1840 to a 2210. All I have to say is the proof is in the score.
Jennifer C. Baltimore, MD
After researching several of the major ACT Prep programs and talking over the Clearpath Advantage options with the director, we decided to enroll our son in the group six-week course. The instructor was very flexible and answered homework questions outside of class. He even helped ease our son’s anxiety by reviewing the material the day before the ACT test. Wow, it definitely helped! Our son raised his score by 5 points as advertised.
Jay R. Satellite, FL