What Colleges Allow Super Scoring?

To alleviate stress on test day, a student has the option to hold off sending an ACT or SAT score in to the college of their choice until the student is ready to do so. This is known as the “Score Choice” option. If a student walks into a test and feels sick, nervous, or hesitant for some reason then there is the option to avoid sending in the score to colleges. Another great thing that many schools offer for the SAT and ACT is the option to “super score.” This means schools extract the best section scores from all the tests a student has taken to create the highest average. For example, a student scores a “33” on the English Section, “34” on the Math Section, “25” on the Reading Section, and a “31” on the Science section of the April test. This same student takes another ACT in June and scores a “34” on the English Section, “31” on the Math Section, “34” on the Reading section, and “27” on the Science Section. The particular college will select the highest scores from each test so the “34” English Score, “34” Math Score, “34” Reading Score, and “31” Science section score to average together and form the composite score of “33”.

Many colleges have participated in super scoring for the SAT test, but now accepting the ACT scores as such, too. To see the list of schools that allow super scoring on the ACT or SAT test check the links below.