Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. After each class students are assigned homework that covers the topics discussed during the class. Also if the teacher sees certain areas a particular student is having issues with then specific homework will be given to that student. There is sufficient homework given after every class to practice material taught during the live sessions.

The live online courses take place on our website through a class designed like a real classroom. The class allows the teacher to have a live camera focused on the teacher during the class with the camera option given to each student, too. There is a whiteboard to place presentations on and draw up problems, which can be utilized by the teacher and students. A chat board allows for constant communication between the teacher and students. We opted to use the live classroom format so the normal lag issues would not occur and it allows for written and verbal communication between the teacher and students.

This option allows students who need help with homework or test questions to personally meet with the teacher outside of class back online in the classroom. Other prep programs give email support for students who need help, but we feel that email has limitations. This is why we provide students the unlimited help option of being able to come back online and talk to the teacher live outside of class for any help needed.

If there is NO option for a small group course available to place a student in, we will provide the one-on-one class option at the same price as the small group course. We want every student to have a class option that is truly designed to help him or her excel.

Yes. We provide all homework worksheets and tests for students to practice outside of the class. We work in class with and provide homework from 10-15 ACT, SAT, or GRE tests depending on the course the student is taking.

Our courses are designed so that the teacher adjusts curriculum covered in each class with how students perform on test questions and homework during the prior class. For example, if the students are not understanding how to answer geometry problems the teacher will place emphasis on those problems going into the next class and then move on to another topic. This approach works better than creating a static curriculum that does not completely fix problem areas for students.

All the teachers we hire have scored in the 99th percentile on the test that they teach. They also were put through a rigorous training process to see if they are actually teachers that students do respond well to. We understand not all high test scorers are great teachers and that is why we have a process that teachers must go through before being placed with a class.

Yes. We provide a higher score guarantee. Please refer to The Guarantee section to view further details.

The ACT and SAT test prep classes start new courses every 2 weeks. New GRE classes start every 4 weeks. For further details about when our next classes begin please contact us at clearpathes@gmail.com or at (847)893-9055.

The one-on-one classes are flexible to be scheduled weekly by the student. These classes can start at any time and we match a teacher to a student once the initial assessment or previous test scores are submitted. This is a great option for students who have different after-school programs they are involved in or for those students who do not have set work schedules.

Yes. the course is designed to show students how to write essays in terms of addressing the essay question thoroughly. This includes going over structure and content of the essay that the graders look for. The teacher will also grade essays to guide students on how to improve their writing skills.

If a student decides to drop a course after the first class a full refund will be given back within 3-7 business days. After the first week of classes an initial 15% deposit will be subtracted from the course cost. No refunds will be provided after the third class administered.