The SAT is Switching to Computerized Tests: What You Need to Know

As a parent of future college students, you will be glad to know that the SAT Suite of Assessments is constantly evolving to meet the needs of students and educators.

The College Board has announced that the SAT will be taken digitally beginning in 2023 for international students and beginning in 2024 for U.S.-based students. This change comes after the successful pilot of the digital SAT assessment in November 2021 and the positive feedback received from students.

The vast majority of students who participated in the digital pilot found the test to be less stressful than prior versions, and 100% of educators reported having positive experiences. These results suggested that moving to a digital format could potentially help reduce stress and improve outcomes for students taking standardized tests.

This new opportunity brings about a lot of changes in the test format, which will help your kids prepare and do better, and also help your stress for their future decrease!

What’s Changing

“The digital SAT will be easier to take, easier to give, and more relevant,” said Priscilla

Rodriguez, vice president of College Readiness Assessments at College Board.

The new digital SAT will take about two hours instead of the current three, it will feature shorter reading passages, and have one question associated with each passage.

Additionally, graphing calculators will now be allowed in the entire math section, and students and educators will receive test scores back faster, to help students make key college decisions in a timely manner.

Representatives for the College Board are optimistic that the changes will improve the test experience and make cheating more difficult. In fact, each student will see a unique version of the test. They will also benefit from receiving more relevant information, as well as being able to access digital score reports that provide information on two-year colleges, careers, and workforce training programs.

Furthermore, the College Board by transitioning to digital tests is committed to addressing inequities in access to technology. In fact, students will be able to use their own devices or school-issued devices to take the digital SAT.

How to prepare

The digital SAT is coming, and students need to be prepared. They can no longer rely on traditional methods of studying, such as attending a brick-and-mortar school or taking a generic course. They need to find a personalized solution that will help them succeed on the test.

The best way to prepare for the digital SAT is to find a course that can be personalized to your needs.


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