Why Clearpath?

Our goal is to create unique learning approaches that appeal to all students. With this in mind, we have designed two different class formats including online one-on-one tutoring and small group tutoring. “No two people are the same.” Every individual has unique ways of processing and absorbing info. In a classroom, a student is sometimes restricted by the one approach a teacher uses to convey subject matter. Though some students may pick up the material, others become frustrated and lose interest in a topic. ClearPath Advantage provides tutors that personalize the strategies by analyzing a placment test res breaking down concepts and understanding a student’s needs. We feel there are intriguing things to learn in every subject and that the right teacher can always guide a student on the right path to finding those ideas. Our guarantee is that our tutors will help your student reach beyond their goal and if the student is not satisfied with a session we will provide a 100% money back guarantee. Most test prep programs randomly place students in to a class and teach the same strategies. We identify students and personalize the curriculum of each class.


Each class is designed differently based on the group of students placed together

Initial Assessment:

We first analyze previous official test scores or provide a placement test

Score Analysis:

Based on the results we look at questions types and content a student may have strengths and weaknesses in.


Then we either place the student with other students who have the same results or provide an option to do one-on-one tutoring.

Curriculum Designed:

The teacher assigned to the course will then create a customized curriculum that would place an initial focus on pushing the strengths of the students which could be punctuation in the English section or Geometry questions in the Math section. Our objective is to teach complete content on the prep tests then focus on strategy. The classes will cover all sections of the prep tests and thorough homework will be given after each class.

Monitor Progress:

With small class sizes a teacher is able to observe how students are progressing in a class. If certain students are having issues with word problems in the Math section or timing issues in the Reading section, the teacher will assign specific homework to those students and work with them outside of class. Since the classes are meant to be dynamic, a teacher also edits curriculum going into the next class based on how students performed in the previous class. The teacher acts as a mentor for the entirety of the course and is available to make sure students reach their full potential on the test.


The first option is a Small Group Online Course, which places 3 to 4 students together in an online classroom. The classes are designed to dynamically allow ongoing communication between the students and teacher along with the teacher providing simplified engaging lectures. Another great feature we provide is recording all online sessions so that students can watch them if they do miss a class. The teachers provide a comprehensive content overview and supplement with timing & deduction strategies. Not only are teachers available during class, but during the week students can come online and get help with answering questions, too. The ACT and SAT courses are designed to be 6 weeks long with meetings twice a week for 1.5 hours.

One-on-One Online Tutoring allows our tutors to put all the attention on the one student. The tutor will first analyze areas of difficulty and then create a plan to approach the class material through student feedback. They will answer questions you have and simplify complex ideas. Also the one-on-one tutoring option allows for flexibility in scheduling for the student. The student and teacher can decide on what days or times to meet each week.

Our Teachers

Our tutors have scored in the top 1 percentile on the ACT & SAT tests they teach. These teachers come from various backgrounds: graduate school students, PhD candidates, or current teachers working in high schools or universities. The applicants are also put through a rigorous training process to make sure students respond well to them during a class. We know that not all high scorers on a test make great teachers, so we filter these applicants out during our interview and training process. The tutors are very approachable and are open to questions at any time during a course, too.

Course Duration

The duration of ACT & SAT Test prep courses is 6 weeks with two classes per week that meet for 1.5 hours each. The students can pick the option of joining the weekend course or one that takes place during the weekdays.